Press Clipping
Podcast #382 – BeatConnect Execs, Most Influential Artists, And Another “Stolen Feel” Copyright Lawsuit

My guests this week are founder and CEO Nick Laroche and lead designer Yohan Antoine-Édouard from the online collaboration platform BeatConnect.

BeatConnect offers a low-cost, easy way for producers and musicians to collaborate either using the stand-alone online app or via a plugin on their favorite DAW.

The platform arose from Nick’s frustration with the problems and time involved in trying to get together with other musicians in person. BeatConnect incorporates a shared sequencer, cloud storage and video chat all within the app, making distance writing and recording a snap.

During the interview, we spoke about how BeatConnect was conceived, how it works, dealing with latency, and much more.

On the intro I’ll take a look at the most influential artists and how much they’ve made from streaming, and the latest copyright lawsuit that could turn music on its ear.