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BeatConnect’s Creators Program Offers Musicians & Producers Opportunities For Fan Connections & New Revenue

The Covid-19 lockdown changed the world forever. From being able to go places freely without wearing a masks to where we are now seems like centuries ago. Music like most sectors of the world was affected tremendously. Artists were not able to go on tour or link up for studio sessions without going through a myriad of health protocols.

While the lockdown may have changed the way the world operates, it also gave time for some of the most creative minds to cook up some ideas. Nicholas Laroche, Alexandre Turbide, and Yohan Antoine-Édouard created BeatConnect. A platform that allows musicians to connect from anywhere in the world for real-time jamming, editing, and performing, regardless of system or setup.

BeatConnect is looking for its first 100 artists for BeatConnect Creators. An influencer program that allows musicians, producers, and songwriters to earn revenue by connecting with followers for virtual concerts, meet-and-greets, and interactive masterclasses.

BeatConnect Opens the Door to Cross-Continent Collaboration and Launches Creator Program
Montreal-based startup BeatConnect is launching BeatConnect Creators to offer artists a new platform to connect and collaborate with fans and followers.

BeatConnect Creators will empower artists to grow their networks and unlock new revenue streams. Fans will have the opportunity to purchase access to interactive masterclasses, real-time sessions, and more.

BeatConnect is inviting tech-forward and community-oriented musicians and producers to be one of its first 100 Creators.

Since its launch in 2020, BeatConnect has paved the way for musicians to collaborate in real-time virtual spaces. Integrating into major DAWs, BeatConnect helps users connect their respective home studios via a VST plugin or its standalone product. It’s affordably priced, too, with a free Lite version and a Premium version costing a one-time flat fee of $29.95.

Affordability, ease of use, and optimal compatibility are all consistent with BeatConnect’s focus on maximizing accessibility between systems and people. Its Creators program is yet another ambitious move to connect and empower musical communities.

Musicians and Producers apply at